Daily Prompt: I Was Here


ileDaily Prompt: I Was Here.

This planet is discovered by me.
Who am I?
I am the first searcher astronaut. I travel from one planet to another one.
I visited lots of galaxy, dark hole or any pieces of star dust with my little grey box.
During the whole visiting places I have one big mission. To find a new, remarkable live planet.
Sometimes I feel miserable. No hope, no light, no future.
I look out computer’s screen long hours to see any hope pieces. I watched out the grey box window
Long silent and darkness that I can see.
Sometimes I do funny things. Such as chasing the comets. It was Beautiful, bright, like a sparking river.
I worked very hard.
I found a new, green, with large mountains and have a good atmosphere planet.
There aren’t any civilizations. It is just a plant. It seems look like an untouched forest.
It starts from the one side to another side. It covers to the hall planet.
After seeing the whole naturel beautiful, I feel sorry about it.
Because I know the humanity doesn’t change their behaviours as they did before.
They will contaminate, consume and run out.
So I decided to tell you my story for considering how was the planet when we found it. How I felt it.
I was here. I found it after a long journey .I felt to myself like a God. Proud and deeply sorry
This time we are lucky but the next time, What wil happen if we can’t find a new live planet?
We did bad things to our world.
Please don’t ruin this planet
Please don’t contaminate this planet
Please don’t have high congestion of population,
Just live simple for living with forest.
I completed my mission but the real mission is starting the now;


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